Tax Accountants Have To Think Outside of the Box

I think it’s fair to say the way taxes get done has changed pretty drastically in the last 20 years. According to Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, over 36 million people use tax software to prepare their taxes as of 2010. Not good news for tax accountants. One way for tax accountants to adapt and stay competitive is by lowering office expenses.

With the advances of the internet, a coffee shop on every corner, and companies rethinking the traditional office structure, lowering the cost of office space is certainly possible. When tax season is in full-swing, it’s evident that many tax accountants have jumped on this revolution of how business is being done. Go to your local Starbucks in April and you’re bound to see a table covered in tax documents and a calculator. And in the same shopping center you might see a canvas sign on a retail space that’s being temporarily leased by a tax accountant for the tax season.


Doing Away With the Dedicated Office

Many accountants are ditching physical offices entirely.  Why lease an office for an entire year when for a handful of months, one can meet their clients at the nearby Starbucks or Panera? Why leave the comforts of a home office when you can jump on a FaceTime or Skype call with a client and accomplish the same thing?

Entire accounting firms are choosing to downsize or close their offices to increase their bottom line. These firms are finding that dispersed, fully remote accountants not only save the company money on expensive rental space; it also helps allow accountants the flexibility they need during the craziest of seasons. With the flexibility to work remote and meet with their clients on their own time, many firms actually see an increase in moral in additional to their great savings on lease fees.


Flexible Tax Accountant Offices

A more recent solution for accountants and firms who are looking to decrease expenditures on renting office space is the flexible or temporary office space. This type of office is usually a fitted and furnished office space that is ready for immediate occupation and is available on short notice for more flexible rental periods. Temporary offices provide the option to rent space on an hourly or membership basis.


A Local Hourly Option…

If a flexible office seems like the right move for you, check out the The Day Offices in Bloomingdale for a great option for flexible hourly office space.