Looking For a Meeting Room In the Chicago Northwest Suburbs?

Are you trying to find a meeting space in the Bloomingdale area or around the northwest suburbs of Chicago to rent? If you search Google, you’ll probably find local libraries, coworking spaces, and banquet halls with large rooms. Some of these venues have meeting room rental rates starting at $100/hr and going up to hundreds per hour depending on the size of the space.

If you just need to rent a small meeting room for a day or even just a few hours, you may want to take a look at The Day Offices in Bloomingdale. We offer small furnished offices that accommodate up to 5 people for only $5/hr. And you can also rent out the entire building for only $25/hr.

Meeting Room Rent? How About Renting An Entire Building?

The entire building includes 4 separate offices that can function as meeting rooms and an open conference room with a 6 person conference table. If you rent out the entire space, you could easily accommodate up to 15 people.

This unique space would allow your group or team to work individually in private offices and come together to collaborate in the conference room.

The Day Offices is conveniently located at 136 W. Lake St. in Bloomingdale.  Contact us for more information or sign up here to book a meeting room.